Welcome to Black Sail! I be the Captain, Mad Dog McGee. First and foremost, I'm a grower. The crew and I wanted a light for our own gardens that combined the advantages of top-shelf COB LED's with the canopy penetration, ease of use and affordability of High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide. With that goal in mind, I built The Cannon.

     I gave it the ideal spectrum for fast, bushy growth, reduced stretch and increased quality. I saw a massive reduction in heat, AC use and my electricity bill. The diode will stay above 90% of its original brightness for 5 years, eliminating the hassle and expense of switching bulbs. The 240 Watt single COB design gave me the perfect balance between the canopy penetration of a single high-intensity light source, and the even canopy coverage of multiple light sources. 

     I used a top of the line MeanWell driver which can be mounted on top of the heatsink or run remotely to reduce heat in my growspace. Again, I'm a grower, so I know that every degree counts! The Cannon is blindingly bright, but it dims down to 50% power so I can work on my garden in comfort. 

     I tested The Cannon for a full cycle in my own garden before I decided to start selling it, and the results were outstanding. Because of its straightforward, utilitarian design I'm able to ship it out fully assembled without raising the price. Just hang it up, plug it in, and wear your sunglasses.  Be sure to check out our friends on Instagram: @BlackSailMarket. Grower's love. 

-Cpt. Mad Dog McGee