320 Watt Cannon Owner’s Manual

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Use short (3/4") screws to attach bottom of driver mount to heatsink. When running driver remotely, use medium (1 7/8") screws to attach top of driver mount to bottom of driver mount. When running driver in driver mount, use long (5 1/8") screws to attach top of driver mount to bottom of driver mount. 1/4" to 1/8" adjustable ratchet hangers are recommended for easy hanging and height adjustment.

For clones, sprouts or seedlings, hang the Cannon 22"-24" above the canopy. For vegetative growth, hang the Cannon 18"-20" above the canopy. In the last four weeks of flower you can get as close as 16"-18" above the canopy. Adjust hanging height based on plant response. Raise or lower the Cannon in 2" increments, and wait 3-4 days between adjustments to gauge plant response.


For maximum performance, do not allow dust or debris to accumulate on the face of the COB. Always clean COB before lights come on, when COB and heatsink are at room temperature. For routine cleaning, use a can of compressed air (computer duster) to blow any dust or debris off the face of the COB. If necessary, you can gently wipe the face of the COB with a q-tip dipped in 91% Isopropyl Alcohol. Wait for all the alcohol to evaporate before turning on the light.

Setting Wattage:

Remove the black, rubber cap set into the face of your HLG-320H-C2800A driver and adjust the screw underneath with a small phillips-head screwdriver to set the wattage (see diagram). These are wattage estimates, and the actual draw will be 5% higher due to driver losses. We recommend using a wattage meter (~$10) to set the wattage precisely. Turning potentiometer past position A could potentially damage your driver.

A. 320 Watts B. 280 Watts C. 240 Watts D. 200 Watts E. 160 Watts